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Intra/Extra-Oral and Periodontal Assessment

Intra/Extra-Oral & Periodontal Assessment

Careful overall observation of the client and a thorough assessment of the areas in and around the oral cavity are essential to planning and providing optimum client care. The oral tissues are good indicators of general health. Noticeable changes may be the first indication of the subclinical disease processes in other parts of the body.

  • Extraoral assessment includes an overall appraisal of the client’s general characteristics and a thorough evaluation of the client’s head, face, and neck areas, particularly the skin and associated lymph nodes.
  • Intraoral assessment includes checking the soft tissues of the mouth, the throat, the tongue and the gums.

A thorough extra (outside) and intraoral (inside) examination will be followed by measuring “pockets” between teeth and the gum to determine the condition of your oral cavity.