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At My Hollywood Smile Dental Hygiene Clinic we offer an extensive choice of services. We offer an organic choice such as Organic Teeth Whitening, Organic Polishing. Our commitment is to provide an excellent service at a very affordable price. We understand the importance of Dental Hygiene and for that reason we set our goals high. We deliver awareness to the community because we believe that knowledge is the key for healthy smile.

In Office Fluoride Treatment

In Office Fluoride Treatment

Polishing and Stain Removal

Stain removal treatment removes stain and plaque from your teeth using a slow speed hand-piece and a soft rubber cup with a paste that is high in fluoride. Recommended before teeth whitening for greater whitening results. (Non fluoride polishing paste are also available).

Scaling / Debridement and Root Planning

Dental Cleaning (Scaling / Debridement and Root Planning)

Intra/Extra-Oral and Periodontal Assessment

Intra/Extra-Oral & Periodontal Assessment Careful overall observation of the client and a thorough assessment of the areas in and around the oral cavity are essential to planning and providing optimum client care. The oral tissues are good indicators of general health. Noticeable changes may be the first indication of the subclinical disease processes in other […]

New Patient Exam & Re-Care Exam

Who is this exam for? Everyone! A comprehensive oral exam is an extensive evaluation and recording of all extra oral, intra oral, soft and hard tissues.